At The Wonder Why Society, our most important aim is to inspire children.

This takes on many different forms, but with our educational book series, we particularly want to inspire creativity in kids. Creativity is a vital skill, and one that should be encouraged during childhood, but is often overlooked by the education system. Therefore, we want our series to promote creativity and help kids unleash their imagination. As a result, art and illustration plays an integral part of the series.

Our first storybook, ‘Project Grabbity’, follows the adventures of a group of children determined to uncover the answers to life’s difficult questions. Rather than simply reading the words off a page, we take inspiration from visual learning, so each page features striking illustrations. The emphasis placed on art and illustrations throughout the story is part of what makes our series so compelling. When children hold the book in their hands, we want them to feel part of the adventure. Indeed, we hope that our book will encourage children to pursue their own creative endeavours, whether this be through drawing or even writing.

The positive benefits of art on the mind cannot be understated. Renee Phillips, founder of ‘The Healing Power of Art & Artists’ explains, “research has proven the arts… produce a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from fine motor skills to creativity and improved emotional balance.” She further describes how the arts can lead to improved academic performance, in addition to helping those suffering from depression and other mental health problems. Consequently, if we introduce children to art at young age, then hopefully we can instil a lifelong appreciation of it. An interest in art may not just be of benefit academically, but may also become a valuable tool to help children cope with any difficulties later in life. Therefore, we hope our series can act as an important first step to a wider appreciation of the arts.

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