Teaching STEM has never been more important.

Recent studies suggest that 9 out of 10 businesses in STEM fields struggled to find suitably qualified employees in the last 12 months, and on average, there are 10 unfilled roles per business. Likewise, Tencent reported that there are currently only 300,000 AI researchers and practitioners in the world- despite there being a demand for millions.

Given this global shortage of skills, it is vital that the current generation of students are encouraged to explore STEM. Indeed, this is especially important for children, with research by King’s College London finding that “most young people’s science aspirations and views of science are formed during the primary years and solidified by the age of 14.” Therefore, if we want to cultivate a passion for STEM in society, then we need to start with children. I believe in order to do this, we need to look further than traditional classroom-based learning.

This is where The Wonder Why Society comes in. Our online learning platform provides children with the opportunity to explore STEM based subjects, but on their own terms, so they can learn about the things that specifically interest them. Here, children can ask questions, discover answers, and collaborate with other children who share their interests. However, we also hope The Wonder Why Society provides a place where children can learn in safe environment, but one that is removed from parents and teachers. In this way, we want children to learn through their own initiative, rather than viewing learning as a chore or something they are ‘forced’ to do. Furthermore, a unique feature of the platform is the way in which children can connect with industry experts. Indeed, one of our most exciting connections is with Birmingham airport, where children interested in STEM subjects could, for example, speak with an aircraft engineer.

We have also recently established the educational children’s book series – Wonder Books. The series follows the adventures of The Wonder Why Society – a group of kids determined to uncover the answers to life’s difficult questions. The first book in the series is called ‘Project Grabbity’, and follows a STEM theme, in which children learn about the inner workings of gravity. Whilst we want our storybook to answer children’s questions about gravity, we also hope it inspires them to ask further questions about the world at large. With this, we want children to view STEM more like an adventure- an exploration of the world around them, rather than a chore.

If you want to find out more about our learning platform, then please visit the ‘learn more’ page of our website www.thewonderwhysociety.co.uk.





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