The headline that is music to our ears. Ahead of his speech to the Association of School and College Leaders CBI President Paul Drechsler CBE will call on policymakers to make education in England about more than results and knowledge recall and to prioritise teaching that encourages thoughts, questions, creativity and teamworking.

He continues, emphasising the need to improve education so that we develop “rounded”  work-ready individuals.

In addition, The World Economic Forum* reports that 65% of tomorrow’s workers will be in jobs that do not exist today. Introducing digital skills, increasing online awareness and improving industry know-how are essential in ensuring young learners can leave school prepared and ready to succeed in life.

The Wonder Why Society and Bridgr our 100% moderated online learning spaces, create connections between teachers, primary school children and industry experts, allowing them to collaborate, innovate and learn together. Breaking down the barriers of the traditional classroom, the spaces are changing the way children learn by providing them with essential digital skills and valuable insight into the world of work.

Sam Fisher, CEO explains; “In school, the focus on passing tests and regurgitating information can be at the expense of encouraging wonder and inspiring innovative thinking. We know that creativity and innovation are essential skills in our emerging digital world and this is the reason we created the Wonder Why Society and why we are launching Bridgr in Spring 2018.

“We are providing a safe space where children can learn, discover, and ask questions about the world they live in. Our online environment allows learners to create, debate and innovate, children can learn about ever-evolving industries, straight from professionals, to set them up for a job in the future.”

We are currently inviting industry partners to be part of this exciting new development so that we can continue to offer this service free of charge to state schools.

Both The Wonder Why Society and Bridgr provide organisations and companies with an opportunity to work with young people and teachers in a completely new way. Benefits for industry partners include;

  • A unique opportunity to collaborate with schools of all types across the UK
  • Address the skills gap and create real social change
  • Have a permanent place in the classroom
  • Inspire young children to learn about the world of work
  • Opportunity to measure all activity and assess impact
  • Create and empower an effective future workforce

For more information on our work in primary schools visit or to see our secondary school site launching soon.

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