Studies show that creativity will be one of the top three most important skills for workers by 2020

The World Economic Forum has predicted that creativity will be one of the most important skills for workers by 2020. This is a result of the rise of automation which will affect many job sectors, but will likely not have such an impact on creative jobs. Indeed, creativity is a skill which programmers are struggling to instil into Artificial Intelligence, and so will help safeguard jobs in these industries.

But are schools promoting creativity in children? The education system is constantly criticised for being too rigid, with educationalist Sir Ken Robinson even going so far as to say they were “killing creativity”. He describes, “Schools are still pretty much organized on factory lines — ringing bells, separate facilities, specialized into separate subjects. We still educate children by batches.”

Since traditional education often cannot offer children with a creative outlet, the Wonder Why Society aims to fill this gap. We want to promote children’s creative endeavours by providing them a safe place to explore their own interests on our online learning platform. Children can learn, but on their own terms, and about the things they are interested in. The goal is that children will be inspired without the interference of parents or teachers. It provides the perfect space for creativity and imagination to flourish, but still within a school-based environment.

We are also hoping to publish our educational children’s book series with this same aim of promoting creativity. The series follows the adventures of The Wonder Why Society- a group of kids determined to uncover the answers to life’s difficult questions. The characters learn about the world around them through their adventures, which we hope will inspire children to try and make their own discoveries about the world. Our mission is to establish a lifelong creativity and passion in children, where learning is regarded as more than reciting facts from a textbook.


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