Children’s Wonder

Final Few Days

It’s the final few days of the Ryman November Novel Writing Competition Mission. The aim of the game is for our users to be as creative as possible and write the first chapter of their novel that can be based on books they have read and things they love. So let’s have a look at a couple of the wonderful entries so far!

‘One winters eve in the valley there was a person called Lola. she hated Christmas, she hated every one in the valley. she only liked money every one sent her a card but she threw it in the fire like she always did. she was the meanest girl ever, she never gave any body a present. one day her family gave her an invitation.But they were the wurst people she liked.So she always said no out loud.On Christmas she took a nap and sat on the sofa and watched tv all day.People knocked on her door to sing a Christmas Carrol. But she shouted “I’m not bothered go and bother some body else but not me” and she slammed the door with a bang!. The year after on the other Christmas she thought about what she did and bought every one a present and stayed Christmas at her family’s. That was the end of that.’

– Hockey from Mozart Tribe

‘A miserable place the dungeon. With little light that was coming from the torches bolted from the cold, stone walls. Foul-Smelling goo coming from the moat circling the beautiful castle above. A couple of fat rats scurried across the floor looking for food. This was no place for a Queen (whether in rule or not).
It was nearly midnight, all was quiet except from the little rustle of chains. Though the heavy silence a single set of footsteps could be heard, someone was coming and they were looking for answers!’

– Tangopassionlover567 from Dragon Claw Tribe