Vision & Mission

Our Vision

We want all children to leave school empowered to participate, innovate and contribute to society.

Our Mission

Empowering children with the skills they need to succeed. The learning revolution starts here.

What we do

The Wonder Why Society provides a safe online space allowing for children, teachers and industry experts to learn together. By setting challenges and introducing new topics, the society connects children, schools and experts from all over the UK. It takes down the walls of the classroom to brings a whole new dimension to learning.


“Children are already in the wonder why society. They wonder why leaves are green but hardly any of them are the same colour. They wonder why plants grow upwards and where flowers come from and why bees spend time around them. They wonder why frogspawn and they wonder why tummies rumble. As they grow older they wonder why grown ups struggle with the easy new technology and then moan about it because young people find it easy and deduce that it must be trite. Young people wonder why grown ups often seem to break their own rules.

Sometimes, when young people suddenly understand something, they wonder why they didn’t understand it already.

The Wonder Why Society is an open invitation to children and young people to engage with big ideas, philosophy, the seemingly insoluble problem and the puzzling conundrum. For the school, The Wonder Why Society is one of those resources that offers opportunities whilst making few demands. Somewhere on the web platform is another person with the expertise to address the questions that children ask and that leave many of us lost for a response.

Do think about getting involved; you’ll wonder why it has never been done before…”

Professor Mick Waters




Justine ReadDeputy Head, Abbey Primary School, Walsall

“I believe the Wonder Why initiative has opened doors to a new way of learning for all children, regardless of their age or academic ability.
It’s innovative, easy to use website stimulates children, giving them the opportunity to ask any question and find out the answer in a safe and secure way. It links children together, giving them the empowerment of their own voice.
As a tool in the classroom the possibilities are endless.”

David TomalinBirmingham Chamber of Commerce and School Governor

“It is allowing schools to utilise technology to best effect and connect with children. Best of all it is a collaborative tool, expanding the reach of our children in a safe and secure way. The possibilities could be endless.”

Lorely Burt, Baroness Burt of SolihullLiberal Democrat Equalities Spokesperson

“The platform has the real power to bring change. To inspire children to be whatever they want to be.
It can really make a difference.”

Anthony HyettTeacher, Wolverhampton Learning Technologies Team

“The kids loved it and immediately started firing off questions and posts.”

Gavin HawkinsStrategic Lead, Wolverhampton Learning Technologies Team, Educational Advisory Board

“We are proud to be associated with The Wonder Why Society and see significant benefit for learners.
The digital component allows for real and authentic online communication and collaboration.
We see its potential to engage young people in a range of learning styles and help to embed the use of technology in a cross-curricular context.”

David TomalinBirmingham Chamber of Commerce and School Governor

“Wonder Why is changing the way that children can access learning in a safe and secure way, that allows them to explore the world, ask questions and allowing them to discover, explore and dream. It can open up the classroom environment, connect parents with their children’s thinking and allow teachers to guide, support and encourage children to learn about virtually anything.”

Alison WilliamsTeacher, St Laurence Primary School, Oxford

“The children are so enthused by the idea of a private space on the internet just for them.
For me, it is a great way of engaging the children’s learning beyond the classroom. The WWS provides a safe learning environment, one which the children really enjoyed.
It makes a teacher’s life easier, rather than causing onerous extra work. A great resource!”

Howard RoseBusiness Manager, Balsall Common Primary School

“I am sure The Wonder Why Society is going to be a fantastic resource for us. I would certainly recommend this to any other school and encourage them to get involved.
Also if you are a business and want to help inspire children please get in touch.”

Mr Mark GilbertHeadteacher, Abbey Primary School

“We found the speed with which a safeguarding issue was dealt with, exceptional. Professional and prompt liaison with the school, ensured that communication was made successfully with all relevant teachers and senior leaders, which came because of the speedy, rigorous moderation from Wonder Why.”



Meet the Team

We are a social enterprise so we like to think we are a jolly nice bunch of people.

Our mission?

  • To safely bring together learners, schools and industry to promote inspired learning.
  • To spark disengaged learners, develop job-ready young people and improve educational opportunity for everyone.
  • We are putting the wonder back into learning!



Our founder and writer never stops wondering – it’s what gets her out of bed in the morning! She has a background in Further Education and publishing. She loves giggling with her friends, singing badly and moaning about housework.


Lead Illustrator

Sam loves drawing! He takes the most complex brief and turns it into an awesome concept, a cool character, a fantastic locations or amazing hideouts. He has worked with companies like Dreamworks and Merlin Entertainments. Clever! Sam loves dinosaurs, vikings and strange music!


Web Director

Darren is passionate about creating fun and engaging digital experiences combining graphics, animation and sound. In his spare time, Darren likes nothing more than writing a few Rock n’ Roll numbers on his trusty analogue synthesisers.

Emile/ Molly

Content Creators


Emile is a bookworm who loves nothing more than finding out some incredibly interesting facts and sharing them with everyone. He also enjoys running and making music, making him a great all-round wonderer!


Molly is a whizz at numbers, a science boffin, she loves to sing, dance, act and much more! All of these things together make her the ideal wonderer and one of our most curious minds!


Digital Media Extraordinaire

Matt enjoys a good wonder himself, whether it’s about why England can’t win a major football tournament, or if he will ever be good enough at guitar to headline Glastonbury. He has masterminded digital marketing strategies at multiple companies!

Justine/ Emma

Members of our Educational Advisory Board


A Deputy Head, Justine is passionate about Wonder Why, as it not only helps teachers facilitate learning through technology but opens the doors to children’s curiosity in a safe and controlled way. She enjoys reading, going to the theatre, eating out & spending time with her family.


Emma is passionate about inspiring children, and sees the role of an educator as a privilege. Her goal? To empower children to succeed, regardless of the pathway that they may choose in life. Emma loves singing (laaa!) and theatre (ta-daaa!).


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Here are some examples of the dynamic, exciting content and challenges young learners can get to grips with through The Wonder Why Society.


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