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May 2018

Plugging the skills gap

The World Economic Forum reports that 65% of tomorrow’s workers will be in jobs that do not exist today. Introducing digital skills, increasing online awareness and improving industry know-how are essential in ensuring young learners can leave school prepared and ready to succeed in life. In addition the 2017 CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Survey reports 75% of businesses expect to increase the number of high-skilled roles over the coming years, but 61% fear that there will be a lack of sufficiently skilled people to fill them. Change is certainly needed.

We have the solution. Our 100% moderated online communities create connections between teachers, learners and industry experts, allowing them to collaborate, innovate and learn together. Breaking down the barriers of the traditional classroom, the spaces are changing the way pupils can learn, providing essential digital skills and valuable insights into the world of work.

Following the success of The Wonder Why Society – our primary school community we are now launching Bridgr, for secondary schools in September 2018.

We are looking for industry partners to join this exciting new development.

Both digital communities provide organisations with an opportunity to work with young people and teachers in a completely new way. Benefits for industry partners include;

  • A unique opportunity to collaborate with schools of all types across the UK
  • Address the skills gap and create real social change
  • Have a permanent place in the classroom
  • Inspire pupils to learn about the world of work
  • Opportunity to measure all activity and assess impact
  • Create and empower an effective future workforce

Sam Fisher, Director of Business in Schools says; “Businesses have a lot to contribute to learners to empower young learners and spearhead their success. For the two stakeholders to work effectively together there needs to be more communication, more opportunity to make an impact. Our digital platforms provide that space. The two platforms provide that seamless link between the workplace and the classroom. We now need the support of the business community to make this change”

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