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October 2017

When I grow up I want to be

What did you want to be when you ‘grew up’? A police officer, a chef, a musician, a scientist? Or was it a ‘regurgitator’? A machine that takes information, retains it until it is redundant, and hurls it back out when prompted?

Bizarre as this concept may seem, this is what our school system is doing today creating people that can regurgitate. 65% of tomorrow’s workers will be in jobs that do not exist today, so why are we teaching them to simply recall information that is very likely to be redundant at that time, without them gaining any inherent value.

The current curriculum favours those who can simply retain information. Amanda Spielman, the Ofsted Chief Inspector, has claimed that too many schools in England are guilty of avoiding a curriculum of study with teaching to the test. So what about those not those who are free thinkers, manually talented, those who are witty and quick, and much, much more.

According to CBI/Pearson research, the majority of primary school children will be ‘turned off’ to key subjects like maths and science by the age of 10 and crucially this is leading to a skills gap. This is why change is needed, children need a place to be intuitive, to learn, to discover, to ask questions about the world they live in. Wonder rules.

This is the reason we created the Wonder Why Society, so young learners can do exactly this. They can create, debate and innovate, all whilst learning about ever evolving industries, straight from professionals, to set them up for a job that may not exist now.

Visit  free to state schools.

Pens at the ready for our new partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Ryman, the high street stationery retailer with heaps more to offer.

Aiming to inspire disengaged children in an aspirational environment, our fully moderated online community safely connects children to learn all about the world. It gives teachers inspiring materials and makes it easy for businesses to work with children in an interactive and engaging environment.

Ryman’s new partnership means lots of exciting educational content housed on The Wonder Why Society website for children to interact with, learn from and engage with, including competitions where children can showcase their work, their talents and win cool prizes!

Ryman believe that working with young people and inspiring future generations is central to future innovation and enterprise and by working with a business like The Wonder Why Society, Ryman can make an investment in their future. “It’s important to consider the changes happening in education and how younger generations are learning today. This is a great opportunity for Ryman to help Wonder Why in delivering a richer learning experience related to the industry, a side some children will not get to learn about until they get their first job.” says Dean Morris, Marketing Director for Ryman.

Samantha Fisher our CEO, said, “We are delivering a really exciting new way for children to learn with each other and with industry experts. We are opening up a whole new world to learners and really looking forward to working with Ryman to engage children, motivate them to learn independently and introduce them to the world of work at an early age so they can aspire to be whatever they want to be.”

Be A Pioneer!

From Scott to Berners-Lee and Newton to Pankhurst, Britain is renowned for its ground breaking inventors and explorers. What did all these people have in common? They wondered. Without that curiosity they wouldn’t have started their journey of discovery and gone on to achieve something great and inspirational. Children love to be creative and through The Wonder Why Society they can stimulate their imaginations and feed their curiosity, the minds of children have no limits.

The Wonder Why Society is an online collaborative learning community that safely connects children, teachers and industry experts in one place. We add exciting content which inspires children and engages them in their learning. It can be used in any subject and by any child, regardless of their age or academic ability.

Our current wonderers are talking about about a pink lake, a duck with a 3D printed foot. They are also debating whether dabbing should be banned in schools and if it is ever ok to bully someone.

So put your learners on a top secret mission of discovery. Be the pioneers! It’s free to state primary schools.