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August 2017

Build A Meaningful Bridge Between Business and Education

Do you believe that your business has the capacity to bring about social change? Or at least, would you like to expand its potential to do such a thing? The next generation of engineers, scientists, writers, artists, are all currently learning about the world around them; getting ready to explore their full potential.

As a business, it is important that you can help to inspire these children to learn about the world of work by getting involved in their school and local community; all whilst helping young learners engage with your brand and teach them about your industry and corporate goals. Often, this is easier said than done; but we believe we may have the solution.

The Wonder Why Society is a fully moderated online teaching and learning community.

Why not work with us so we can help change the way that we work and learn together. We provide a seamless link between your workplace and the classroom, allowing you to inspire learners across the country no matter where you are based. It allows your company to take your expertise directly into the classroom.

Your individual business zone allows you to host curriculum resources and mentor and inspire learners virtually. Not got those resources? No problem! We can write them for you!

We can also write stories, create animations and interactive content that will make your business zone the talk of the classroom!

We moderate every post on the site so it’s completely safe for all users.  Everyone can freely explore our inspiring, engaging and aspirational environment. We help you add value to both children’s development and your organisational well being. The platform gives you a permanent presence that children and teachers can access in and out of the classroom, extending the reach of any work you currently do in schools.

Join us at The Wonder Why Society – where learning has no limits.

Visit to find out how you can work with us.

Let’s work together to save time

As a teacher, do you ever feel like buckaroo? Your workload slowly increases bit by bit, knowing that soon, all will spill out onto the ground. As a busy Deputy-Head with additional teaching commitment and SENCO responsibility, and after 20 years in education, I know just how this feels.

The BBC took a survey of 3,500 members of the NASUWT teaching union, which shows more than two-thirds of respondents considered quitting the profession; with 89 percent of all interviewed citing high workload as their top concern. This is far too high. As educators who are meant to be inspiring the next generation of thinkers, how can we work towards our goals if we are preoccupied with the preparation that comes with it? Sometimes it feels like our job is all prep, no practice.

One way that I found helped alleviate some of this preparation work was signing my school up to The Wonder Why Society platform. Primarily, the custom-made lesson plans that are tailored to the curriculum act as a great starting point for activities and content. They can be used in school as classwork, as part of a series of lessons or as a stand-alone lesson, which really sheds off valued time!

With previous debates already at your disposal you can use questions already asked by children as a stress free way to introduce British Values, PSHE topics and Awareness Days. This element of discussion can also give your class a way to express issues, worries/concerns can be raised and discussed in a safe way.  Also, events of national and international significance are fully researched for you, allowing you to explore them with your class easily, and quickly.  Missions are created for you to use with your class.  In addition, each Mission is accompanied with a teacher resource pack offering ideas, web links, videos that have been written for teachers, by teachers!  The content is linked to the new National Curriculum (2014) saving you hours of planning and preparation!

The platform also frees up your children to work more independently. Your class are free to safely search wonders, comment, give feedback and create their own wonders online. Whilst children work alone you know that every post is checked by a trained moderation team and anything of any concern about will be reported straight back to your DSL so it can be dealt with discretely.

And finally, one of the biggest time savers is the fact that it can all be viewed and contained in a digital environment! No more sifting through piles of papers and sheets, now everything will sit inside your desktop, perfectly ordered for you to mark. This also saves time at the photocopier, waiting for hundreds of hot papers to roll off the press!

I’d recommend every primary school teacher sign up to the Wonder Why Society! Visit to sign up.


Justine is a Deputy Head in the West Midlands. Thanks to Justine for sending us her views and feedback on using The Wonder Why Society in her classroom.