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June 2017

Birmingham Airport takes children’s learning to the skies

Here at The Wonder Why Society, we are really excited to announce our official partnership with Birmingham International Airport. By inspiring children to enjoy learning, The Wonder Why Society is tackling two social problems, disengaged learners and the skills gap; a goal that Birmingham International Airport also upholds. By working together, we hope to improve economic, social and environmental well-being.

Through the platform children will be able to interact in Birmingham Airport’s Zone, connecting with exciting information about everyday life at Birmingham International Airport.

We believe that to make long-lasting social change we need to engage young learners, inform them about the world they live in, and the role they have to play so they grow into motivated purposeful adults. Being involved makes a huge difference to learning outcomes, confidence, and helps shape children to be responsible global citizens.

Jo Lloyd, Commercial Director said, “We have always believed that supporting the education of young people is one of the most effective ways in which we can invest in our region’s future. The Wonder Why Society is an innovative way for us to take our education programme forward in an exciting and dynamic direction.”

The Wonder Why Society helps its partners to meet the core aims of their skills gap and CSR strategies by creating social impact and communicating core business strategies, to involve and inspire young people; so why not get in contact today? Visit our website, or email