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May 2017

“Do think about getting involved; you’ll wonder why it has never been done before…”

Starting a business is really hard, yes you are driven by pure passion and yes, you are doing it because you want to, because you want to make a difference. No-one is making you do anything. But that doesn’t make it easy. Along the way, you meet lots of people who offer kind words of support, make referrals and generally keep you going. That support to keep you focussed and on track is absolutely key. It gets you through the bumps in the road.

Every so often you meet a gem, and last week I had the absolute honour of meeting Professor Mick Waters, a man described as a “children’s champion” and a “hero”. I would describe him as a true gentleman, he was running a few minutes late but came out of his conference to apologise.

We then talked, philosophised and he simply asked how he could help.

I am really happy to announce that he has endorsed the work of The Wonder Why Society and our mission to put the wonder back into learning.

I’d like to share with you what he said because it would be rude to keep it all to myself.

“Children are already in The Wonder Why Society. They wonder why leaves are green but hardly any of them are the same colour. They wonder why plants grow upwards and where flowers come from and why bees spend time around them. They wonder why frogs spawn and they wonder why tummies rumble.

As they grow older they wonder why grown-ups struggle with the easy new technology and then moan about it because young people find it easy and deduce that it must be trite. Young people wonder why grown-ups often seem to break their own rules.

Sometimes, when young people suddenly understand something, they wonder why they didn’t understand it already.

The Wonder Why Society is an open invitation to children and young people to engage with big ideas, philosophy, the seemingly insoluble problem and the puzzling conundrum. For the school, The Wonder Why Society is one of those resources that offers opportunities whilst making few demands. Somewhere on the web platform is another person with the expertise to address the questions that children ask and that leave many of us lost for a response.

Do think about getting involved; you’ll wonder why it has never been done before…”

So, if Professor Mick Waters says you should be doing it, then really you should! Remember its free to state schools until 18th July 2017.

Learning Together!

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Independent Schools Portal helping children and schools to learn collaboratively powered by technology.

Here at The Wonder Why Society our purpose is purely to allow children to benefit from the power of digital collaboration – to think and ask and learn together. When we are born, we are all naturally curious. Children learn by being playful, by working together and developing thoughts and problem solving. What is more, we learn best when we are able to drill down into the subjects we love whether that’s knitting or skyscrapers it really doesn’t matter.

Since we launched in January we have been buoyed not only by the educational benefits of working together but also by the social ones. Through the platform children from all types of backgrounds and cultures are interacting. At The Wonder Why Society everyone is anonymous and so blissfully free of any labels – they simply are like-minded ‘wonderers’ – working together, giving mutual support and believe me the feedback they have given each other is marvellous and heart-warming. We have heard stories from teachers heralding the absolute surprise when the quietest child in the class is suddenly motivated to take part online; the platform simply empowers them and peer to peer learning takes on a whole new level merely by taking down the walls of the classroom.

​Add to that the guidance from our teachers who use blooms taxonomy to stretch the learning sprinkle on a response from an industry expert who can contextualise the whole process and the result is motivated, purposeful learning. A shared world of learning and creativity, no matter who you are or what you are good at.
We would like to add you to the mix. To take your learners on a top-secret mission of discovery where wonder has no bounds. Come join us on our mission to put the wonder back into learning.