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November 2016

Our Discovery – Discover Us

My story began with my own children, constantly asking questions.

Why is the sky blue? How does the wind blow?

I remember when my children were very small and they were just discovering the world- the buzz of a bee, the shape of a cloud, the sound of an aeroplane overhead. As an adult I realised I’d forgotten how wonderful the world was and how awesome it was to discover it for a second time.

With their constant questioning, I turned to the internet to discover answers but found safe, child friendly sites rare.

I came up with the idea of writing stories for children that explain how things work and why they happen. From there my idea grew, I collaborated with some awesome people and The Wonder Why Society was born – a place where children can share their questions and collaborate with each other to find answers or explore ideas and opinions safely.

We should never stop wondering, thinking and being curious because it is the lifeblood of innovation and progress. Since our journey began last year we have worked with children who have all been inspired to learn more. We have had feedback from teachers and children whose learning journey has changed because of Wonder Why.

Mrs. Read, Deputy Head and teacher in one of our pilot schools told us. “Wonder Why has inspired children to engage with an online tool. It has developed independent learning and engagement outside of the classroom giving children an opportunity to debate, question and respond to each other safely. Children who, in the classroom can be difficult to engage have been inspired to share their thoughts, to have the confidence to question responses, to research their answers and to regularly post online. Wonder Why has been an asset in my classroom, a new innovative way to enhance teaching. It promotes independent learning and collaboration and has inspired children who can be apathetic and disinterested in learning.”

Take your class on a wonderful, top secret mission of discovery!