The Wonder Why Society is a fully moderated online community where children can safely connect and learn all about the world.
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what we do...


We get children, teachers and industry experts to learn together. The three most important strands of a child’s education all together, in one place. We connect children and schools from all over the UK taking down the walls of your classroom to bring a whole new edge to learning.


We add global content to inspire children to create, debate and innovate. All of which, is moderated by us – making our platform completely safe. Our teachers guide their learning, stretching their thinking skills using Bloom’s Taxonomy methods.


We give you inspiring and original materials mapped to the curriculum, to encourage children to develop critical and higher order thinking skills. Teachers can share best practice and save time. Lots of time.


Engage your pupils in any subject. Use our exciting materials to set tasks, and challenge children. They outline curriculum coverage and can be used as evidence towards learning objectives. Take their learning into a new realm.



The Wonder Why Society is a fully moderated collaborative learning community for primary schools. Allowing children to delve into an exciting world of wonders – news, views and discoveries.

Engage your class in real issues whilst ensuring e-safety at every level.

The Wonder Why Society can be used in and out of the classroom and because it’s moderated by us, all you have to do is set them up and watch them learn. It also allows your school to embed tech into the curriculum.

A collaborative learning community that can connect with your class and other schools in a completely new way.



The Wonder Why Society can be used in any subject. It can be used to set homework online, debate, encourage higher level thinking, flip or extend learning. It enhances digital skills, teaches online safety and embeds tech into the curriculum. It also can be used to discuss British Values and SMSC themes.

By writing online my class will…

– Be more expressive
– Improve their reading and writing
– Be proud of their work
– Become independent and creative
– Get feedback from other
– Have a real purpose and audience for their work

If we collaborate more my class will…

– Read more often
– Build their self esteem
– Love learning
– Think critically
– Relate to real life situations
– Speak for different purposes & audiences

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We are connecting industry and schools together

We provide a safe learning community where students can learn from each other, with their teachers and through added interaction from industry experts.

Whether you already work in schools or are planning to, you can purchase your own industry zone to stage customised content for students. Development of your customised zone enables you as a business to:

Create social impact – meet core aims set out in your CSR and sustainability strategies.
Reach more students via their schools, without increasing your own staff commitment.
Bring enterprise into schools – helping to bridge the gap between education and business

The cost of your zone is dependent upon the size of your business and how you want to manage your content.

Please contact us on 07894 908 506 for more information or email us for a business pack at

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Allowing families to engage and inspire their children

What do you want for your child’s education?

To feed their natural curiosity?

To teach them to be safe online?

To see more of the work they do at school?

Here at The Wonder Why Society we provide a safe online learning environment where your children can connect and collaborate with others from all over the country.


The Wonder Why Society is only available through schools so we can ensure a safe environment. Please introduce us to your child’s school teacher, PTA or Board of Governors. The benefits of the Wonder Why Society can then be brought into your child’s world; both in class and at home.

While using The Wonder Why Society my pupils...

Become more engaged learners and take ownership of their work

Learn with technology appropriately and responsibly

Increased their work ethic

Improve their collaboration, creativity and problem solving skills

UK State Funded Schools


Per Child

  • *Sign up before Dec 2017.
  • Valid Until 1 Academic Year After Sign Up Date.
  • 15 – 30 Minute Telephone Tutorial.
  • Free Tribe Setup.
  • Full Platform Access.
  • 100% Human Moderated.
  • Half Day Training Sessions Can Be Arranged For An Additional £250.
Independent Schools / Non UK


Per Child

  • Valid For 1 Academic Year After Sign Up Date.
  • 15 – 30 Minute Telephone Tutorial.
  • Free Tribe Setup.
  • Full Platform Access.
  • 100% Human Moderated.
  • Half Day Training Sessions Can Be Arranged For An Additional £250.


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